Northern Lights

Prophecy Watch:

$ Hyper-Inflation in Autumn unknown year but related to international disuse of dollars. Probably this year, but no guarantees on the timing. 5/21/2022

Country Divided by earthquake if US divides Israel. Doesn't have to happen but will within a week or month after US pressures for a two state "solution". Also will be a sign of a imminent civil war. 5/21/2022

2nd Pandemic, Unknown timing but much worse than the first according to prophet Bob Jones who died before the first pandemic. 5/21/2022

DNA altering technology that is likely the Mark of the Beast. Somehow you will have access to the world economy (probably a phone app) once you get it. 


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Crypto Lesson/Tutorial - Knights 1 Trailer

Video Crypto Investing Tutorial


Crypto Investing - Knights 1:
Want to get in on Crypto investing but don't know what it is or how to get started? This 17 minute long jam packed step-by-step video tutorial lesson will educate you and walk you through your first crypto investment.
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Financial Self-Discipline

Warden Financial Self Discipline

Financial Self Discipline - Warden:
Learn the game that the vast majority of wealthy men have mastered. Lifetimes of experience, countless hours of research, and painful life lessons all compressed into one life changing class. 
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Stock Investing Tutorial

Stock Investing

Knights 2 Stock Investing:
Want to invest in publically traded companies but don't know how to start? This step by step tutorial will walk you through buying and selling as well as teach decades worth of lucky and painful lessons.
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