Lesson Description: 

Delve into the philosophy and value system that is essential for the vast majority of self-made millionaires. This course will cover wealth equations, vices that inhibit your wealth accumulation, set your values straight, give real world advice on buying a car or home, The lesson also teaches the custom Cavins Success Solution to getting out of debt as quickly as possible, and critiques the common debt snowball and debt avalanche methods. And finally the lesson gives real estimated savings that often return on investment for the course in a matter of weeks. Check out the sample slide from the lesson.

The Warden - Financial Discipline lesson can be purchased either through a pre-recorded video (34.99 $) or with a fully inter-active zoom meeting (150.00$) (Skype Account Required) in which Cavins can personally take questions and tailor the material based on the individual

Sample Slide from Lesson

Interactive Skype Lesson
150.00 USD


Pre-Recorded Video Lesson
34.99 USD