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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

With the cabal blitzing multi-culturism and mass immigration we are losing our tribe. What does this mean for us and our future?


One of the first stories immediately after Noah's ark is the story of Nimrod and the tower of Babel. Nimrod had a spirit that was Hell bent, no pun intended, on ruling the world. As the scripture says, Nimrod aspired to unite the world by building a great tower that would reach into the Heavens. Nearly every world religion has a legend of a great world wide flood. Being scarred from this destruction it is highly suspected that Nimrod was building a tower so tall that they could survive another great flood. Uniting all the races and cultures would also give him exponentially more power than local kings or even emperors. God decided he would have none of it and confounded the languages to cause scattering of people all over the Earth. So all knowing and all good God saw a need to create and preserve culture, and hence prohibit multi-culturism and globalism.

This tactic was used several times by tyrants. Alexander the Great was trying to mix Persian, Greek, and Macedonian culture into one to rule his empire. Nebuchadnezzar immigrated nearly all Jews into Babylon and immigrated Babylonians into Israel, now known as Samaritans. The USSR did it, CCP is doing it, and now the cabal is doing it against every white majority nation except for some parts of eastern Europe. Whenever you see it being done it is important to know this is an attack on you and your tribe. They are literally trying to destroy everything that your ancestors have fought, killed, and died to build. And mixing that with Democracy and Republics it is an even bigger disaster.


Aside from the national issues there is a community issue. As white nations are being invaded we are seeing more and more discrimination against whites. Forced diversity in hiring, college acceptance, and scholarships is taking the driving wheel from the meritocracy, which is real discrimination. And if this large multi-culturism experiment doesn't work out the Africans, Asians, Hispanics, and Muslims can all go back to their ancestral homes. Whites will have no refuge. So it seems that the cabal has extermination plans for the white race, which will likely move to other races next. All this is to say that the stone-age wiring of tribalism isn't going away, it is just being directed against white people.

And there are consequences for allowing globalism. I would consider most of sociology a pseudo-science, due mainly to politicians funding propaganda, but there is one useful truth we can pull from sociology. That is when you are a minority in a nation you have higher suicide rates. Obviously this means more stress and anxiety. So every plane load or caravan of "immigrants"/invaders will bring more anxiety for the natural born citizens. Why do we have stress? We are feeling invaded and pushed out of our own land. You can't blame the Native Americans for starting wars with white "settlers"/invaders. But we must survive and make our families survive.


So what can be done? Attacking it in the order it was spelled out in this blog;

God didn't approve of globalism when Nimrod did it or any other tyrant throughout history. It stands to reason that God will soon knock it over again. So we leave to impossible to him and move on to the things we can control, which is our duty.

On a community level you need like minded same race friends. You need to try and compensate for the discrimination against whites by giving business to other whites. Also, if possible marry your same race and especially your same religion. It is getting harder to find wife and mother material in the white race due to feminism/Jezebel, promiscuity, materialism, bad friends, and smut entertainment. But if possible it is highly encouraged. A woman that dates outside her race often has "daddy issues". And last for community it is highly important to attend Church. There is a reason the cabal was trying to shutdown religious institutions. The Jews have survived numerous catastrophes and perhaps due to religious institutions maintained their culture.

On a personal level it is important to not hate the other races. God made them, but God's hand of judgement is not against whites. We deserve our own country where we are not discriminated against. Do not tolerate a guilty self-hating culture cuck. They are all either beta males or Jezebels trying to destroy the country. I could talk more about the Nimrod New World Order and Whore of Babylon being the culture mixing United States Melting Pot, but this is all just support of good advice. We as a people must survive and preserve the Celtic, German, Roman, Slavic, and Greek culture of our ancestors.

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