Femininity Restoration

Updated: Jan 6

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. And the push to get women away from their children is all part of the cabal plan to consolidate power.

Women are an integral part of western civilization, and hence, the cabal wants them miserable and alone. As the cabal trashes traditionalism we are observing more misery, suicides, and drug use in women than every before.

Why the cabal wants women to neglect the youths?

If women aren't mothering then the indoctrination centers and media degenerates are, but obviously with a more degenerate and deformed human character. It is funny because they lie to young women trying to convince them that being a mom doesn't matter like being a man, but secretly they salivate at the power they are stealing from a loving and nurturing mother. The fact that they are trying to become the mother to all the youths is good enough proof that they indeed are trying, if not already are, ruling the world.

So what is the cabal doing to women?

  • Telling women to sacrifice their families for their career.

  • Encouraging family murder with no fault divorce.

  • Destroying motherly feelings and pair bonding with media encouraged promiscuity.

  • Disrespecting fathers and future husbands with promiscuity (men are participating in this as well).

  • Disrespecting fathers and brothers by marrying outside of the tribe.

  • And wasting fruitful and beautiful years of women in indoctrination camps otherwise known as universities.

So let's explore each of these to see the harmful effects. What is wrong with a woman in a career? Nothing, until it becomes a problem. The book of Proverbs tells of a good woman who purchased a field and worked it with her children. But notice the woman didn't abandon her kids to a baby sitter. And I think it can go both ways. That is a stay at home mom who watches Dr. Phil all day and then orders pizza when her husband gets home is also abusing her kids. A little wisdom seems to whisper that young children need a full-time mother and older children need only food, clothing, shelter and very wise conversations.

Many women are realizing the hard truth that young fit women are a hot commodity and older or unfit women are societal charity. When a woman divorces a man, and 80 percent of divorces are initiated by women, the odds that she will find someone better is really slim. The explosion of divorce thanks to casual and highly favorable to women divorce laws is taking its toll on men, children, and especially women. The trauma imposed on children is well documented, nothing good comes from it. And the trauma to men is obvious. But the trauma is one of the best kept secrets. Divorced women can enjoy casual sex, but as the years go by that will become harder and harder. And then it will be as if she is a widow but with the shattered pair bonding and dysfunctional kids that will blame her for destroying the family.

Casual sex isn't good for men, but for women the price is higher. A woman can't seem to let go of the men she was intimate with. And if she does, it is only because her pair bonding potential has been seared. Why does that matter? A woman is of no relationship good if she can't commit to a man. Men were ignorant in the past, but now they are keenly aware of the phenomenon of female pair bonding. More and more men are demanding a virgin bride or they see the divorce court risk as too great. And the pair bonding to a man seems to correspond to her motherly love for children. More and more women are looking at their kids the way men do. That is they love them, but they have no patience for them hours at a time. It is natural for men to be that way because they needed to hunt away from the tribe for hours a day (job). But when women have that same attitude the children are being neglected.

Every woman is some man's daughter and ideally a future wife to another man. Promiscuity is disrespectful to the woman's future husband, parents, siblings, and her future children. This disrespect brings trauma to everyone affected within the family, and the trauma is destroying families.

When a woman marries a man of a different race than her father she is rejecting her tribe. There is a defense mechanism in women to ditch her tribe for survival. Stone age fighters would often kill all the men and boys and then take the women in their tribe. But if a woman goes this route her family will never look at her the same. This has been observed in all races.

And the finial issue is the wasted youthful years of women spent being indoctrinated and promiscuous at universities. As bad as that is by itself, the "educated" women who then want to settle down offer much less. They offer more age, massive college debt, seared pair bonding from the promiscuity, distorted reality having hundreds of young horny men worship them in hopes of sex.


The solutions are obvious. If you are married try your best to stay married with couple therapy. Look attractive for your husband, keep a clean house, raise good kids, try to save money by cooking and frugal living. Be encouraging, loving to all and submissive to your husband. It may not be interesting enough to make a drama series, but look at the retired promiscuous and lonely women if you think you are missing out on anything.

Behind every successful man is a submissive and supportive woman, but behind ever defeated man is an out of control bitchy woman.

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