Forsaking Demons

Updated: Apr 7

The demonic realm manifests from our actions. And the rewards for serving demons is a Hell on Earth for the participants and those around them.

Heaven is Heaven because everyone in Heaven only wants to love, build, encourage, restore, and heal. Hell is Hell because it is full of evil people that do nothing other than evil to others. As our society becomes more sinful we are beginning to see atheists, agnostics, and even deists beg for religion to return to put some bounds on the abuse, greed, lust, debauchery, and cruelty that is destroying nations, families, people, innocents, jobs, and purity.

The demonic realm manifests out of the soul or psyche (mind). There are many theories of what the foul beings that inhabit that realm are. The most popular beliefs are that they are either fallen angels or separately created beings. And some believe that they are souls that have been sifted in the afterlife and fell on the wrong side of judgement. But there is a physical definition of what demons are. Demons are an erroneous and evil ways of thinking. It is hard to tell sometimes if the external spiritual (demons) leads the internal physical (mental disorder) or vice versa, but the simple relation can be observed that both will grow together producing a feedback loop. If you listen to an evil notion long enough it will become louder and louder. Eventually it will sound like your own voice and a silent whisper. Fall a little further and it will become full blown schizophrenia with audible voices and visible hallucinations. These are also spiritual voices and visions caused by the darkened souls. Most people are not happy at the advanced stages of demonic possession, but the demons know that they can feed off of the person and will actively encourage bad decisions to provide more sin or food for themselves. The demonic victims at this stage have delved so far down that they have lost the ability to rationalize a good action, or control the demonic influences. So the demonic subjects first willfully participate in the behavior, and then they become totally controlled by it.

So what can be done to forsake demons? The ancient Romans would lock a demon possessed person in a room with only water for a few days. It isn't explicitly stated in the Bible that fasting will chase away demons, but it is implied that you will get closer to God and breakthrough demonic resistance. The book of Daniel has a fascinating story of fasting and prayer in the heart of Babylon that helped break a demonic delay of a Heavenly message.

I believe fasting does at least a few powerful things for your spirit:

  1. It detoxes yourself of being a slave for momentary desires.

  2. It is healthy, good things breed more good things.

  3. Demons have had all good stripped away and have very little, if any, tolerance for delayed gratification or self-control. Hence they will feel the hunger pangs exponentially harder than you will.

But fasting isn't the only thing you can do. Prayer is a spiritual mechanism to be used for those things beyond your control. You are willing something to happen, or asking God to will it on your behalf. It is best to be mindful that asking God to do things will generally only go as far as your relationship with him, but there is great grace for those that seek him in the early stages of a Godly walk. He will meet you on your spiritual level, but you are expected to grow or your prayers will likely not be so effective. And the other types of prayer, of willing something into existence, is an authority play based on humans being giving authority over the Earth.

And last, but more important than anything listed before, is sin. One of the first things God will say to someone through dreams, oddly random verses in the Bible, friends, sermons, or just a raw spiritual conviction, is to stop sinning. Sin, as not defined by pretend Christians, governments, or professors, is a pursued action or thought contrary to God's dictates that are observed to be harmful to oneself and/or others. To cut the sin out of your life, and even the desire for sin is to literally starve the foul spirits that afflict you. I recall a dream that I had of a great dinosaur that was eating soldiers. In another scene of the dream it became a person. I can't help but think that there was repented sin in my life, or someone else's, that was feeding and growing the hostile dinosaur.

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