Live Heroically

Updated: Feb 18

The cabal's depopulation program has hundreds of thousands committing suicide each year due to the post-modern despair. The best way to kill your enemy is to convince your enemy to kill himself.

Every blog at Cavins Success Solutions tackles many elements of post-modern despair, so essentially it all collimates into the rally cry to oppose evil until the Godly appointed retirement.

Reasons for post modern despair:

  • Lack of religion (particularly Christianity)

  • Destruction of families

  • Horrible health due to malnutrition, inactivity, obesity and Fauci gain of function research and experimental gene therapies.

  • Destruction of tribes by immigration, race mixing, UN, and EU (Nimrod Spirit)

  • Feminism convincing women to not woman anymore, and divorce courts emasculating and enslaving men.

  • Betaization of men (Eunuch Spirit)

  • Bitchization of women (Jezebel Spirit)

  • Loss of freedom such as right to life, liberty, and more specifically speech

If all of these things were 180 degrees from the degenerate state we are presently in then what great things could we achieve? Bravery and service to our God, family, race, and country would drive us to succeed and achieve greater things. But our fight is to preserve what currently is from the globalist cabal. You can take the easy way out, that is your choice, but perhaps what will happen soon will become legends that taverns will sing about for thousands of years. Don't just not kill yourself, but live heroically fighting for what is good and Holy. Eventually your circumstances will prove to be weaker than your vigor and resolve, and you will become something stronger than what you previously imagined. Then you will build a better life than what you previously could imagine. While there is life there is still hope.

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