Morality Renaissance

Updated: Feb 18

The morality renaissance isn't a religiously threatened lifestyle, but rather a necessity to survive the postmodern despair.


It is almost comical how civilizations keep repeating the conservative rise and liberal fall pattern so many times throughout history. Many historians have observed the pattern, but they called the liberals more urbanized, which perhaps directly mirrors why cities are infested with liberal madness, and the invaders that destroyed a society and expanded their civilization were called nomadic barbarians. Perhaps the nomadic barbarian civilizations would be more matched to the more rural and sub-urban conservatives. Regardless, the "less civilized" would always step in and conquer the urbanized royalty, then become weak and urbanized, and then get destroyed by another "less civilized" civilization. The pattern would repeat several times throughout history either by nomads like the Mongolians, Vikings, Germanic tribes, or Bedouins, but it would also repeated by surprisingly small kingdoms that were tough but not as rich as the to be conquered nations such as the Macedonians, early Roman Republic, and United Kingdom.

What was happening was the powerful were becoming immoral, corrupt, and decadent to the point that they could not field a strong enough army to defend their lands. While the weaker people had to be morale, tough, just, and brave to survive and eventually took the notion to test the strength of larger empires. So the external environment of the strong being forced to be conservative and the weak being afforded a Satanic grace for being weak is to blame for this seemingly endless cycle.


So where are we today? About as late in an empire as we can get. Instead of technology making us stronger it has subsidized immoral behavior previously only available for the royalty and nobility. The decadence of modern life is unparalleled, as well as the degeneracy and weakness of the west. Naming a few of the tumors that are destroying the west:

  1. Jezebel / Feminism - Out of control bitch that acts like a man but can't handle it... because they have 1/20th the testerone of men. Neglecting kids, aborting babies, bitching at husbands or children, alienating families, destroying families, and ready for a divorce is the Jezebel spirit running amok.

  2. Eunuch / Beta Males - Men being submissive, not lifting weights, relying on others for resources due to laziness, pretending to be a victim. They commonly believe that you can only get romantic relations with a woman by being weak and submissive, and hence believe alpha males are "incels", involuntarily celibate. Physically weak and neurotic, they will rarely standup to a woman.

  3. Promiscuity' - Causing relationship trauma and destroying families. Also Betaizing of fathers, brothers, and future husbands.

  4. Lazy Men - Impoverishing the nation. Unmotivated to build the nation, families, or anything else.

  5. Immigration - Giving the nation away to foreigners, often done to empower the elites. Culture cucks feel quite proud whenever an immigrants comes to invade their country. The point of having an army is to keep other tribes out. That has an incredibly demoralizing affect on patriotism.

  6. Outsourcing - Economic treason to make the citizens impoverished while making the sellout elites wealthier.

  7. Indoctrination - Education centers are now vomiting out liberal madness at the tax payers expense. The madness is so bad it is more inline with a cult.

  8. Single Mothers - Bastards, divorcees, and even single parent adoption is all child abuse by depriving children of the essential father figure.

  9. Pornography - Men were not meant to see naked women in the throws of passion at the click of a mouse. This is not only causing spiritual problems, but is even giving young men sexual dysfunction.

  10. Endocrine Disruptors - The plastics in our food and whatever else has been proven to mess up the hormone levels of children and adults. This is the most supported theory of historically low testosterone levels in men.

  11. Godlessness - You can let people rule themselves for fear of Hell, or you can try and pass about 100,000 laws trying to make people good and fair with each other. Legalistic societies usually happen in the later stages of a civilization.

  12. Drug Culture - The UK once controlled China with opium addiction. Various nations are controlling, killing, fleecing, and destroying us with cocaine, pot, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, fentynal, and heroine.

So What Must We Do?

Basically the opposite of everything listed. Reversing a civilization death spiral is incredibly rare, but whatelse are we to do. If nothing else the parallel society of conservatives will likely survive the great modern-age dark-age. It is important to remember that rationale thinking is a gift from God for Godly living, so any compromise against God's law is a seed to your own, your family, and your nation's destruction. Which is why the cabal is pushing degeneracy of any kind and any way that it can. Liberal madness is just the end result of repeated sinful living. Those that do evil but still agree with the conservatives will be sifted and miserable until they give up the bad or commit to evil and madness. If they fall to evil the happiness will only be a momentary reprieve.

All of this is to say you should embrace good the way the cabal embraces evil. They know they become empowered by evil, so you must understand that you will be empowered by good. It is not an alternative, but rather is the narrow path to life in the mess that we are now walking through.

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