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With the subsidization of gluttony, we as a people are losing sense of what a human should look like.


While watching WW2 videos it became apparent to me that something drastic happened between then and now. Virtually every 18 to 25 year old recruit was lean but muscular. Virtually every young woman was at a very healthy and attractive body mass index (BMI). And it stands to reason that it wasn't just during that point in time, but it was from that point to all of recorded history. The exception to the lean look might be the ancient Greeks that took pride in attaining a muscular and bulky physique. Many Greeks regularly attended gymnasiums to develop their physique, and would train nude. It was said in Plato's Republic that training nude was repulsive for the elderly, which means even the elderly lifted weights, but they suffered it anyway for the sake of convenience. The point being that it became part of Greek culture to be muscular the way being overweight is now part of American culture.

In the time before industrialization and aggressive pursuit of agricultural yields for over a century it was exceedingly difficult to be overweight. Even nobility had to be combat ready to defend their lands. Food wasn't nearly as cheap. And high fructose corn syrup or other forms of sugar were either none existant or not easily available. And the work required for nearly all was nearly always highly laborious. So generally obesity could only be sustained by royalty.


Interestingly enough, today we see the poorest among us tend to be the most obese among us. This lifestyle is often subsidized by others by way of welfare, disability, insurance, and more directly by food subsidies. And the food industry is engaged in highly aggressive advertising which may be better called psychological warfare, all for the sake of squeezing more profit at the expense of peoples' lives and quality of life.

But not all are uncontrollably obese. Some women, knowing the unjust divorce laws well, will actually suppress their gluttonous desires to attain a husband, and then after they are married, promptly eat themselves into obesity. This is another reason many men are afraid to get married and the behavior is called "pulling the pin on the fat grenade".

And for those that are out of control, well there is a host of "free stuff" programs that will enable an over eater to live that lifestyle at the expense of others. Working at a grocery store I have seen plenty of food stamp cards used to feed people into obesity. I have personally seen people collect disability checks for being "disabled" strictly for being overweight. And if they are really poor they will get free insurance, but if not the insurance rates will not put the costs of obesity on just the obese. In the US when you get sick you don't just pay for your bill, but you pay about 7 other people (usually poor or an "immigrant") who weren't able to pay. As noble as that sounds it doesn't incentive the poor to take care of themselves.

But not all of the burdons are placed on others. Obese and inactive people suffer an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, blood clots, diabetes, covid mortality, and can even give health problems to their children. It has been proven now that an obese man's sperm will have more defects than a fit man.

The Alternative: (Consult Your Physician Before Taking Any Medical Advice)

We need to start viewing being overweight as equivalent to being on illegal drugs. If you have too much belly fat then the last thing you need is a sugary or greasy anything. To compensate for the lack of labor intensive work all men must lift weights and all women must engage in aerobic excersize, both daily.

There is something going on in the ego or psyche of most people were we are offended, ashamed, or wish not to pay attention to what we are doing so wrong. But this is the emotions that we should destroy since these bad mindsets stand between us and our destiny.

Perhaps it is useful to think about what our ancestors, those that built the west and took the white race from stone age hunters to the moon. What would our ancestors think about our appearance. Should we not honor them by trying with all our capacity to surpass them?

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