Restoring Self-Respect

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The tyrannical cabal strategy of destroying man to consolidate power has men looking for purpose. But purpose like many things starts from within.

Before making a man a slave you must destroy him from within. And destroying his God, family, and tribe have all done the trick for millions of your brothers. With a push on all fronts to destroy men it is best to remind yourself of the truth that the cabal lies are trying to cover up.

Remember Who You Are: We must stand up knowing what we are.

  • Our ancestors fought back countless Jihads, empires, Huns, and dangerous left-wing ideologies with great success.

  • Our fathers built the west with blood and sweat over thousands of years.

  • Our God is far greater than the occult worshipping cabal and the secular humanist pawns.

So with all that in mind let's move on to the basics.

Make Women Submissive: A screaming woman does not impose authority. The term "Bitch" is not offensive, but rather the actions of a bitch. It is an abomination for a woman to act like a man to a man. Do not tolerate it. If your mother or wife is acting that way let it be known that you will not tolerate it. Modern women seem to be especially out of control and will likely divorce you, but it is easier to rebuild yourself as a man from scratch with a heavy financial burden (Divorce Rape) than with a Jezebel bitch working against you all the time.

Embrace your Tribe: What race you are you should embrace. You don't need to mix friends and business with other races or you will suffer a lack of identity and lose purpose. The depression induced by not being with your own tribe is one of the first things to be documented by sociologists. And the demoralization effect of serving other tribes is immense. Would you die on the battlefield for your family? Would you do it for a bunch of foreigners that will discriminate against your family? There is no benefit to your family for fighting for your nation or the opposing nation. This is all part of the plan to destroy the west and you must not take part in it.

Stand up for yourself: If you have been exposed to a screaming bitch you may think standing up for yourself means acting like a bigger bitch. That is what women acting like men do or men acting like women acting like men do. Very calmly and sternly place your boundaries upon your wife, kids, and subordinates. If they don't obey then give them the consequences. If they are out of control, then tell them the harsher consequence. I recommend you be fair, honest, and gentle to those below you, but do not submit to a woman, child, or subordinate. God gave man authority over women and children because man can sacrifice more and mentally can handle being in control without being a tyrant. If you have been around a bitch that will make sense.

Self-Respect: Once you demand self-respect from others, you should impose it upon yourself. Don't disrespect others. Respect a boss for the higher authority position. Don't eat yourself into gluttony, don't spend yourself into poverty, and don't be ruled by emotions. If your boss gives you a 2 percent raise with 15 percent inflation for the year it is time for a stoic and stern conversation that respects your honest and hard labor value.

Conclusion: We must demand respect from others and ourselves. The window of grace to save our society is closing, and the madness of letting bitches and the cabal bully us into castrated weaklings is quickly slamming.

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