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Updated: Feb 18

Wealth generation is the foundation of manliness and power. And hence, is under attack for the common man. Despite technology allowing more wealth, more and more people find themselves living a sustaining lifestyle rather than a thriving lifestyle.

To further control people, the world cabal likes the idea of you living hand to mouth. That way if you aren't going along with their plans, all they have to do is threaten your job. Wealth is power. If you had 4 million dollars that you could comfortably live the rest of your life you probably wouldn't let your boss yell at you or the government coerce you into taking experimental drugs with zero liability for all parties other than you.

But wealth control is also part of the depopulation program. In Japan the young men, having no job security, prefer to live in tiny studio apartments and just get by. The women would love to be married but they can't easily find man that can provide a house or anything else for them. Right now the poor are subsidized to make children, but there is no such subsidy for the middle-class.

So what good comes from generating wealth?

  1. Wealthy men think and behave more like men, that is more rational and stoic.

  2. Wealthy men find more happiness in making money than spending money.

  3. Wealthy men so value the wisdom of wealth generation that they teach it with enthusiasm to their children.

  4. It is obvious that the wealthier the elites get the more power they have, and so it is obvious for the sake of good that the common men should attain more wealth.

  5. Men are hardwired to provide and protect. The happiness a man has for giving to just causes is meaningful.

The list could go on beyond what anyone could imagine, but the point has been sufficiently made that all good men should financially thrive for the good of themselves, their families, and the nation.

How to Thrive:

  • The "Free Stuff" tab has legendary audiobooks that will give you great momentum.

  • The Wealth Kingdom series under the "Learning Videos" tab can presently teach you how to buy crypto if you have never done it before, financial self discipline is nearly completed, and more lessons are soon to come.

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