Worldwide Brainwashing

Updated: Jul 30

It is becoming increasingly apparent that people as a whole are losing their abilities to think for themselves. Perhaps this isn’t a random occurrence, but actually the intent that will lay the ground work for a dystopian future.

Brainwashing isn’t new. Hassan-i Sabbah, the Persian king who ruled around 1000 years ago, perhaps perfected brainwashing with the purpose of producing the world’s greatest assassins. But today's brainwashing is much different. It produces losers and degenerates with the intions of destroying society. But how exactly is brainwashing achieved? If you think about how a persons free will can be broken much like a dog’s freewill is broken by training it with treats, it becomes apparent that brainwashing is just a hijacking of the Maselow Hierarchy of needs. The Maselow Hierarchy of needs was developed in the field of psychiatry to understand people and their motivations.

Physical Needs: Observing the pyramid and starting at the bottom we can see that the first need that people are concerned with is the physical needs. People can be very dangerous if they do not get enough food, shelter, clothing, or water. I would also argue this is the last need that the cabal hasn't attacked yet, and seems to be the next logical step in their plan of world domination.

Safety and Security Needs: Once the physical needs are achieved in the moment, people tend to move to the next level. Which I would argue is a little insulation by way of safety and security needs. This can be provided by family giving, stability, property/wealth, employment, and health. All these things tend to be slightly more longterm, but seem to be closely related to the physical needs. This step was attacked by the compliance juice and the associated but. An attack on both health and employment.

Love and Belongingness Needs: Now the needs are more emotional and social. Friendships, family, intimacy, and social connections. Perhaps again these insulate the lower parts of the pyramid. Again the cabal was attacking these things through degeneracy, no fault divorce, and even lockdowns.

Self-Esteem Needs: Once the social circles and physical needs are provided for a person has a desire to achieve, develop confidence, respect from others, and a way to flex individuality. These are the more finding your place within the tribe. I would argue that multi-culturalism is an attack on these needs.

Self-Actualization: Now the highest level, and the most argued level, self actualization. I would argue this is the Godly true Christian top, or at the very least a belief system that empowers rather than enslaves. One understands his/her place in society, and is trying to help others achieve their places in society. This is the first thing to be attacked in the brainwashing demoralization process. Prayer was taken out of US schools in 1962 by activist judges, and so has every metric suffered and the way was clear for their attacks on the tribe, family, health, and employment.

So Hassan Sabbah brainwashed people by a feast, hash oil, beer, bacon and fornication, which you can see is many of the lower levels of the pyramid. And he pretended to be God by telling them that they would go to Paradise if they served him in this life. But I also suspect that he hijacked the other levels too. He probably told them they were revered, part of a great birthing of society, and that this was their new family. But the big difference is that the assassins had a purpose, to kill.

Today’s brainwashed subjects are numerous, in the hundreds of millions or maybe even billions. And the vast majority of these people aren’t high functioning adults. So what is the purpose? Most likely to collapse society. The socialists/communists were the masters of causing a problem and then blaming their opposition, and then taking unprecedented power to “fix” what they just did.

So is the woke congregation really brainwashed? The first step would had been to either kick God out or neuter God to be ineffective. The reason is that Christianity is an empowering religion, and brainwashing is an enslavement mentality. Did this really happen? Of course it did, the first step was taking prayer out of school. But the neutering process was the liberal Church. The same liberal Church that refused to get involved with abortion but was proud to ally with the Marxist organization BLM and the Sodomite communities. The next thing they attacked was the tribe. Multi-culturalism has a demoralizing effect on people excelling due to discrimination by quotas, increased competition, and a lack of affinity. And the next step they did was attacking the families with no fault divorce and subsidizing illegitimate children. So in effect, the government become the God, tribe, and family for many of their brainwashing subjects. And since the 1960s this was where the cabal was. But after the infamous virus hit the world, the “vaccine” was mandated and employment threatened. This would be a threat to health and employment.

Assuming they will continue on down the pyramid, it is reasonable to take the threats to the food supply very serious. And considering Bill Gates is buying up farmland by the the billions it is even more alarming.

I’m not sure what we can do to stop this other than getting all red pill information out there. But to survive the cabal planned famine may just require some canned beans and rice.

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