Remoria Reborn



The revolution in mobile gaming is nearing completion. 
Build your own kingdom with the first ever Real Life Success Simulator (ReLSS) genre game. 
As you build your kingdom your mind will be rewired for success and wealth. 
Every building in the game will correspond to your success and development in real life. 

Win at the game and win at life simultaneously!



  • Build success habits by progressing in the game.

  • As you progress in the game your Kingdom will upgrade.

  • As you pay off debts the orc raiding tents will disappear from your lands.

  • Your adviser subjects will dialogue with your development.

  • See your crops grow as the day of your payday approaches.

  • See your windmill animate as you save your income.

  • See roads populate your kingdom as you sell in real life. 

  • Discover what happened to the fabled Dwarves and Elves as you reach success benchmarks. 

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Humans: The men of Remoria live  a harsh and dangerous life. In between the isolationist Dwarven Kingdoms and the ruin filled forest live in the valley the few surviving Remorians. Fables of a great human kingdom inspire hope that the humans may once again build a kingdom and bring peace and prosperity to their homeland. 

Orcs: Legend has it that these foul creatures were once elves that were corrupted by the Abysmal Order centuries before the great war against Human, Elves, and Dwarves. They once challenged the existence of all living creatures in the early second age. The great alliance of Humans, Eleves, and Dwarves all but destroyed the orcs, but after the fall of the Remorian Empire the orcs reemerged as raiders. It is unknown if the orcs conspire with dark sorcerers or if the dark sorcerers still exist.

Elves: Legend has it that they existed, but an elf has not been seen by any living human. And the last chronicle that tells of one was before the Remorian empire was built. If they do exist they likely live in the forest as they were once known to be an integral part of the woodlands. 

Dwarves: Sometime before the fall of Remorian empire the Dwarves withdrew to the mountains and forbid humans to venture there. The sounds of what is believed to be their mines and forges can be faintly heard at times. They still rely on herbs, trapping, and hunting, but if they encounter a human they will very forcefully remind the human that the mountains belong to the Dwarves. And they always mention "on the mountains, in the mountains, and under the mountains is Dwarven alone". 

Sorcerers: Little is known of the dark sorcerers of the Abysmal Order that organized the corrupted the elves and commanded the orcs in the 2nd age, but the light sorcerers were known to be the king makers, teachers, and mentors to help people walk in the light and be a light to others. They too are a legend like the elves, but unlike the elves they may have a home in the Augur tower in the ruined forest. The great tower is the only standing Remorian building. Legend has it that the Remorian sorcerers still reside there, or at least they did before the end of the 2nd age. Some magical barrier physically blocks people from walking too close to it. Those that are affected by the barrier are rumored to have night terrors for weeks after the experience. Even so, some of the more daring adventurers have spoken of seeing silhouettes beyond the staind glass. One can't help but wonder if Remoria still exists to some extent, either in the tower, underground, or maybe even in another plane of existence.